20% Off For You & 80’s Themed Party Invite!


I’ve got some fun news for you and a little gift for the holiday!
Let’s start with the gift!
20% Off This Sat + Sun 11am-3pm
I’d like to give you 20% off your bill this Saturday or Sunday day from 11am-3pm.
Yes, because it’s 4th of July and one of my favorite holidays… you can use this offer both days.
All you need to do is show this e-mail to your bartender or server and give them this code: 626004
Restrictions: This 20% is on FULL priced menu items. Which means we won’t take 20% off on the 25% off burgers on Sat or discounted drinks. Same thing with Sun wing specials and drink specials.
80’s Themed Dance Party!
Saturday, July 23rd we’ve planned a 80’s party with DJ Mark Reed who does our trivia nights.
I’d like to get some feedback from you about best dressed contest and other contests / ideas we have for this night. Our goal is to make this as fun as possible and getting feedback from our customers on how to do that is key!
Click here if you’d like to voice your opinion and help us out! (https://barmarketing.keap-link008.com/v2/click/d1fcdd2c7c13af08389aec60cc763213/eJyVkEsLgkAURv_LXUs6FWbuIiLMxyIS2sWk1xrUcRhvgYj_vemBu4LW93AO3-2BUHJJQQ4-nLmuuS6RhLyABRozoQRKWjeSePZi3KnrOHMLKiHLrW5uCvz-h2LEnkfG2Ix5FlCn0KCH_WodBsn2FAVJaFjFtWn941sy5rnOKNzEqyCCYfhawFrQ5m4iLfikb_icmAszk1JdGf5KpFrftotG1-3kUqFN3pI6FqVHNy52xV0ujIUrhTL__CTE7u0aHppTbW4=)
Nick “Fozzy” Fosberg
… And have a safe 4th of July! Remember, we are closed on Monday in order to give our staff a day to celebrate and enjoy family and friends!


Nick Fosberg

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