Oct 5th E-mail From Fozzy

Hope all is well! 

I've got some REALLY exciting news to share with you today. 

We have 2 brand new promotions kicking off this week and another 2 more that EVERYONE has been asking for in another 2 weeks! 

Starting Today.. Our Official Taco Tuesday With 9 Signature Tacos To Choose From. Pick Any 3 & 16oz Margarita or Corona / Modelo For Just $15 Or Order A La Carte!

It kicks off today! 

But it's not ONLY tacos... We've got
 Burritos and my favorite dessert ever since I was kid going to Disneyland... CHURROS. 

Only bad news is... we didn't get the churros on the truck yesterday but it's been confirmed we will have for next week! 
If you want to see a video of all the tacos and see the menu, click here

My favorite taco as to be the Korean Tacos! 

Last thing... you DON'T have to order the Taco Night Out special for $15. You can mix and match all tacos and order as many as you wish.
Pick The Joker - Chance To Win Thousands Every Thursday From 6-8PM

Do you like to win cash and prizes? If so, you're going to LOVE this!

I've been running this event for over 10 years now at all the bars I've owned. It's by far one of the more exciting ones because you have the chance to win some BIG money! 

And no.... this has NOTHING to do with a lottery or gambling as there's NO COST to get in on the action! 

Here's How This Will Work

This will happen EVERY Thursday from 6-8pm. 

Starting at 6pm everyone will receive 1 ticket who's 21 and older. Every 30 minutes we hand out 1 additional ticket till 7:30pm. 

Every 15 minutes from 6:15-7:45 we pull tickets and hand out prizes like free meals, t-shirts, gift cards, etc. 

Then at 8pm is the "Pick The Joker" drawing. 

This is where things get exciting. 

We start off with a pot of $1,000 - not a typo. $1k. 

We have a deck of cards with one joker in it. 

At 8pm we pull ONE ticket and that person gets to come to the stage to select from the deck of cards and has ONE chance to pull ONE card and if that card is the joker, they win the pot - the $1k. 

Truth is... odds are obviously in the house favor right?

To start... that is! 
Here's where it gets interesting. 

Let's say this Thursday "Sherry" comes up to pick the joker and she picks the 2 of clubs. Sherry wins a $20 gift card and she TEARS up the 2 of clubs and we then add $100 to the pot for next week. 

This means each week the pot goes up and the odds get better as we throw away the non-joker cards that are pulled! 

We also make sure that every person who gets a chance to pick the joker, actually finds and shows the crowd the joker after their first pick so everyone knows that there is really a joker in the deck 🙂 

How much has this pot gotten up to in the past? $4,800 is the max I've seen so far and we've had people win it in week 3 as well. 

Again... this doesn't cost anything to get in. This is NOT gambling or a lottery. Free to play for those 21 and older.

Music & DJ Line Up This Week

With the requests from many, we will be having DJ's on Friday nights and continuing with live bands on Saturday nights.

I have had some e-mails asking about more local bands playing for us vs the Nashville bands - if you have requests, let me know and send me their contact info. 

DJ's on Friday nights will be playing 80's to today's top hits. Pop, country, rock, etc. 

This Friday we have DJ Deadstock from 8-12pm - NO COVER

Saturday we have Sheyna Gee who will be playing all genres of cover songs. She's an amazing Nashville artist with a great voice. Upbeat. High energy.

For more information check her site out at - http://www.sheynagee.com/

She will be here from 9-1am and there will be a $5 cover.

What Else Is Coming In October?

Starting in 2 weeks we will have Trivia every Tuesday.
2 Times a month it will be themed trivia and the other 2 will be SPORTS trivia. When we have months with 5 weeks in it, we will do general trivia!

The 19th is Halloween trivia
26th Sports trivia
Dec 2nd Disney trivia

1st place gets $75 gift card, 2nd $50 gift card, 3rd place $25 gift card.
Wednesday Nights Starting In 2 Weeks...

Every month we will host at least one signer / songwriter night with Bridgette Tatum & Friends (this las Wed was EPIC from what I heard and a PACKED house!) One the rest of our Wednesday nights we will be hosting Karaoke from 7-9

Behind The Scenes 

I want to give a big shout out to our new kitchen manager Yessi. She's been with us now about 3 weeks and we've seen some huge improvements on how our kitchen is running.

This is usually the biggest / hardest part of the business to "master" when you first open.

Yes, we still have some more work to do but I feel we are right on target of a 90-120 days to have a very smooth running ship. I've received many e-mails lately from those who visited us in month 1 but wasn't 100% happy with their experience to then find out that their 2nd visit was 10x better.

 Improvement is happening as expected! 

With that said, I just wanted to say thank you again for your support and always remember when you visit a brand new bar / restaurant give them 3-4 months to get their systems / staff in place. It's not easy.


Nick "Fozzy" Fosberg

Remember, check out our Taco Tuesday menu and video here

Motivational Quote Of The Day

“Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before.”