Acoustic Set With Chloe Kimes

Nashville based singer-songwriter Chloe Kimes is actively defining the next generation of folk-singing troubadours with an old-soul sensibility for storytelling in a spirited country outfit.

Born and raised on the lakeshores of northern Michigan, Kimes is unbound by genre as she consistently navigates a delicate balance between poignance and charm with vocals wrung out and steadfast as any before her.

Named one of NPR’s 2022 Slingshot Artist’s to Watch, Kimes’ debut album is ambitious and strikingly live. As a self-titled ought be, Chloe Kimes is a sincere reflection of the artist, and with music as homegrown as its penman, Kimes and her band are not to be missed.


Feb 28 2023


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm