Chance to win $4100

Here’s how this promo works….

Starting at 6pm everyone will receive 1 ticket who’s 21 and older. Every 30 minutes we hand out 1 additional ticket till 7:30pm.

Every 15 minutes from 6:15-7:45 we pull tickets and hand out prizes like free meals, t-shirts, gift cards, etc.

Then at 8pm is the “Pick The Joker” drawing.

–>> This is where things get exciting❗❗❗❗

At 8pm we pull ONE ticket and that person gets to come to the stage to select from the deck of cards and has the chance to pull the joker. If they pull the joker they win the pot, if not they win $20 gift card and we rip up the non joker card and add $100 to the pot for next week.

So each week the joker is NOT picked, the pot goes up and the odds get BETTER!

Again… this doesn’t cost anything to get in. This is NOT gambling or a lottery. Free to play for those 21 and older.


Sep 07 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm