Live Music With NAVRIN

As a traditional 3 piece band, Singer/Songwriter Austin Odle, Drummer Drake Letson, and Bassist “Pinto” carry a genre that most in the south have to take a second glance at. What often appears as a typical young garage rock band, NAVRIN proves otherwise with their unique sound of 60’s rock-influenced blues-y breakdowns that happen when least expected.

To the sound of a psychedelic trio shooting energy into the room with late 90s distortion. Musicians who became brothers through their love for this difficult-to-describe “space rock grunge rock tribal rock hippie rock 60s 70s 90s rock” inspired by Black Sabbath, White Stripes, TOOL, Chevelle and several others, while also being true to the roots of it all, the blues.


Sep 02 2023


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm