St. Pats 10k Giveaway Bash

The ultimate St. Pats Party! 90’s Band Polly’s Pocket 8pm-11pm, chance to win some big money, eat some good ol Irish food and drink some Irish cocktails….. and of course… GREEN BEER! 

Here’s how our Pot Of Gold promotion is going to work! 

Starting at at 5pm we will start handing out tickets and 3 lucky people have a chance to win the $10k. There will be 3 drawings. 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm.

When you get picked to come up, we will have 20 pots of gold for you to choose from and you’ll get a total of 7 pots to look inside.

If the first 3 pots say grand prize (and there’s only 3 grand prize winners) you win the 10k! If you only get 1 or 2, you keep opening the pots of gold till you get 7 totaled open.

We have free dinners, party packages, t-shirts, gift cards, and more in those pots of gold incase you don’t go home a winner with the 10k in gold!

(If someone is to win the $10k in the first drawing, the promotion is over. This is for a total of 10k with 3 games to play at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm)

After the Pots Of Gold are gone through… we have 90’s Band Polly’s Pocket from 8pm-11pm playing top hits.


Mar 16 2024


5:00 pm