20% Off + Only 12 Left + Chance To Win 10k!


We’ve got a lot going on this week and weekend!
As of now, we only have 12 tickets left for Bridgette Tatum’s show on Wednesday from 8-10pm. If you’re interested in seeing what singer/songwriters she’s bringing who all have written #1 radio hits, click here! (https://barmarketing.keap-link006.com/v2/click/32a1949bc37f19fa45b01d8233005b98/eJyVkEtrg0AUhf_LrJ2owccglBJCCGKaRWnXZdSrDnEezFwrIfjfO6Yluxa6O3A_zrnn3AiC4grLlhSk5lZyewEUqicBsdAII0DhXivkzZ3JtlkUJQEZhbocrZ4MKW5_WDyw9RjHURqxgODVgEffXnf7qjwfP07lufKs4dZn_cePsZyx7GF4eNmVJ7IsvyaAFHj49CGOFGgnWCu2wtfEdzt6fkA0rgjDeZ43sHK1FQibRssQQq_bHhCBIsdJ0s76aVpHnVb9vHLW0XnQ9K6p5a3QVE2yBktjOgh0FEXjizi6zdIkz1keJWn-zLvuCSQXo_-PG-Mtf9au4Pr95fIFpYaOtw==)
20% Off Your Tab!
For anyone who is NOT coming out for Bridgette’s show, from 5-6:30 we are giving everyone 20% off their tab on full priced menu items only (not on our already discounted Wed specials or happy hour pricing)
If you’d like to book a reservation for Wednesday between 5 and 6:30, just reply to this email and I’ll get you set up.
We are doing this for the first 20 reservations!
Tuesday Trivia
Join us for general trivia night from 7-9pm this Tuesday. 1st place wins $75 gift card, 2nd place wins $50, 3rd place wins $25. You can have as many to a team as you’d like!

Next Tuesday, March 1st we will have Tennessee Sports Trivia!
Live Music This Weekend!

St. Pats 10k Giveaway!
I can’t give you all the details yet, but I’m going to give you a little teaser so you can start planning!
Thursday, March 17th, St. Pats day we are giving 20 people a chance to win 10 GRAND 🙂 while we have Bad Dog band play from 6-10pm.
We will have corned beef and cabbage, Rubens, and Ruben Eggrolls!
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