Friend Dinner Is On Me Next Week!


Happy Friday!
I had a lady e-mail me the other day asking why she never received the e-mail her friend received about the “Loyalty Day” free spaghetti and meatball dinner. Let’s just say, she wasn’t so nice until AFTER she realized what had happened.
After spending some time looking at her contact record in our marketing system, I was able to show her it was sent and delivered.
However, it was stuck in her “promo” tab within g-mail. Stacked away with over 100 other emails from others.
Long story short, she found the e-mail and got 2 tickets for her and her husband.
Which got me thinking, could this have happened to you or maybe others?
16 Seats Left – Dinner Is On Me Next Monday
Here’s a quick copy of the e-mail I sent out on Monday. We only have 16 seats left for this.
May 1st is “Loyalty Day” and for the last 10 years in this business we’ve done a FREE dinner for our VIP members!!
So next Monday on May 9th at 6pm we will be hosting this dinner and you’re invited. I will be there to do the giveaways and say thank you to you and everyone else for being such great customers!

Limited Dinners Available

This is limited to 60 people and we “pre-sell” tickets to where the amount of the ticket is taken off the bill for your drinks.
Click here to see more details on what you’ll receive, the prizes we are giving away, and how to get your tickets before they sell out. (
If you have any questions, please reply to this email.
Nick “Fozzy” Fosberg


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