A Fun Week Ahead Friend!


One of my favorite times of the year is here and maybe it’s yours too?!?!
St. Pats and March Madness all kicking off in the SAME day!
Let me fill you on on this week festivities!
St. Pats Trivia Night – This Tuesday 7-9pm
This is going to be a fun event.
Everything St. Pats related from food, to drinks, to festivals, to traditions. After putting these questions together, there’s some really easy ones and some hard ones, but we can guarantee this is going to be a good time!
1st Place $75 Gift Card – 2nd Place $50 Gift Card – 3rd Place $25 Gift Card
St. Pats Party With Spring Hill’s Mayor Band Bad Dog + Chance To Win $10k!
The ultimate St. Pats Party! Live music, chance to win some big money, Irish food and cocktails….. and of course… GREEN BEER!
We will be giving 20 people a chance to roll 4 lucky dice to win 10k! All you have to do is roll 4 “Fozzy” logos, no cost to play. This will take place during the breaks of Bad Dogg Band at 7,8,9pm.
Spring Hill’s own “Bad Dog Classic Rock Experience” is like no other and they’ll be taking the stage at 6pm! These guys will have you up and dancing to tunes from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond. I
f you would like to be thoroughly entertained and take a trip down memory lane partying to the soundtracks of your lives, then make it a point to come see Bad Dog at Fozzy’s.
You won’t be disappointed!
$17 Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinners (available for lunch and dinner)
$12 Ruben
$10 Ruben Eggrolls
$5 Car Bombs
$5 Green Tea Shots
$7 Irish Mule
$9 Irish Trash Can

March Madness!
We of course will have all the games on and ready for you! If you’d like to see our specials during the games click here. (https://barmarketing.keap-link016.com/v2/click/53f81ca65d6c73de1e7b089fa837179d/eJyVkE8PwUAQR7_LnEtbpOitEZGmOAhnWTrYWNvJ7pCU9Lsbf-JG4jwv7-U3N2C0ynJeQgob5U7KHZG13UMADreaNFoeVZbV9skknSSKegEYbY8TV50J0tsPxQd7HOM4SuIkAK4JBV0uslGRzyfraT4vhCXlpPWPbzCM-93ORzieZfkUmuZrAU-axxeJeEjZnfExsdQyk1fOCH9gJp-G4a66XmvvyUn0oI1pW-SwVNrULU_yFGV8KDpFhLZ8P6fA-iVt7tencl8=)
This Weekends Live Music

If you have any questions, please let me know!
Nick “Fozzy” Fosberg


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