Congrats To $2,500 + Last Call For Friend


Happy Monday!
As I’m writing this I’m about to go to the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. It’s the biggest restaurant show in the world. What I love about coming to these events is finding all the NEW things that are hitting our industry, technology, food and drink trends, etc.
To do well in any business, you gotta stay educated on what’s new because you, me, and everyone else, well…… we usually get tired of the same old things, right?
Well… here’s how you can help!
As you know, I’m always looking for feedback and insight on how we can improve at Fozzy’s. With that said, if you’re aware of some new trends, promotions, ideas we can do, please send them my way!
Congrats To Ian!
Ian was our lucky winner last week for the Pick The Joker promotion! He won the $2,500! This Thursday it’ll go back to $1,000 and each week the pot will continue to go up $100!

Last Call For Friend
Wednesday Bridgette Tatum will be here with 2 amazing songwriters and this is last call to get tickets.
Showtime is 7pm to 9pm.
If you’d like to get more info on the singer / songwriters who have had #1 radio hits, click here! (–0RU9KXgM-fJ_5D8DozOOiwpy2BhqDB2RrdtDBIRb6y06nrWOzfbKZONM6zSC2rrjgtrOQ35-EXHHLsskSXSmI-Deo6DfX9NZWawWP8tiVQrrDYnrnbyJTj_SR-D8c1osYRieGrCxPP8VSYCcqcPLi5WVN3lNtfAHZh9ypXbt6dSH4EmkB1vXI4es8HqoNmSrPTJjzIa7Jt6RNFSFOFMiMN7LcKurxP5fM_wBJX55EA==)
Remember when you pre buy tickets you’ll be guaranteed seats on the stage floor, but you can still come in and not pay and site on patio or in the party room.
Nick “Fozzy” Fosberg


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