Update to brunch and 80’s party!


I wanted to send a quick update about our brunch menu.
Over the last few days they’ve been testing different items in the kitchen and Donnie our bar manager said he doesn’t feel 100% certain we are exactly ready for this weekend and wants to test a few more options.
With that said, this week we will not launch the “test” of our brunch menu but it will be next week and we will be doing limited reservations the first 2 weeks we do this so the kitchen team can get dialed in on the new items / set up etc.
80’s DJ Dance Party
July 23rd we are going to have a 80’s themed dance party with DJ Mark Reed who does our trivia on Tuesdays.
We’re still trying to get a few more opinions from people on a few games / contests / ideas we can do for it to make the event even more fun.
Click here if you’d like to provide your input and answer just a few quick questions. (https://barmarketing.keap-link014.com/v2/click/707a82663fcd236b76410320c9670106/eJyVkMsKwjAQRf9l1mKN1YrdSZESU12IiriR1I412KYxHQWR_rvxgTsF13Puudy5AaGWmngGIaTSltIekZTOoQUWd8oo1BRVmuTuyQTdoNPptaBQ-hjb6mwgvP1QfLDHkTHm912WrgYdupiPIsFn8TbhM-FYI63r-sc3ZD7rdT_C8XTEE2iarw1YKhpfXEkNIdkzPiZmys2kpS0cfyAydeh5-8qWdTsv0OsHiUg39Uas1tGEnS4DZ5HGoM7ePxF4fbmaO4vobRk=)
Have a great weekend!
Nick “Fozzy” Fosberg


Nick Fosberg

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