Free order of wings during Super Bowl for Friend

First 15 reservations will receive – no charge


Do you have any plans for the Super Bowl yet?
If not, I’ve got a special offer for you till Monday!
To help us prep and prepare for this big day, we’re going to offer 15 orders of free wings to the first 15 reservations we book for our Super Bowl Party!
Here’s All The Details
If you book a reservation of 4, we’re going to give you a free order of boneless wings (12).
If you book a reservation of 2, we’re going to give you a free 1/2 order of boneless wings (6).
This is just a little something to get you going!
On top of this, we are going to be raffling off $50 gift cards each quarter. For those who book a reservation, everyone will get 3 tickets to start with, where everyone else will just get 1 ticket!
By booking a reservation, we will make sure you have a table out at the main bar floor area, unless you prefer our lower tops, we can put you there too. You decide!
Our drink specials that day will be $3 16oz domestic drafts, $6 16oz bloody’s, $5 mimosas, & $3.50 shot specials.
How To Book Your Reservation
Super Bowl starts at 5:30, so we would like our reserved tables here by 5:00 PM on the Sunday the 13th.
All you need to do is just reply to this e-mail with how many in your group, first and last name to put the reservation under, and your cell phone number.
If you end up having more people in the next few days, just reach out to me and we will get your reservation updated. Not a problem!
Nick “Fozzy” Fosberg


Nick Fosberg

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