Urgent Regarding Your Loyalty Points Being Eliminated

https://barmarketing.infusionsoft.com/app/linkClick/112126/43c1119f1886ab4d/16496708/76cd1189492dc190 (https://barmarketing.keap-link017.com/v2/click/8ece5f2648ab3f0af14463a16f9ef0b0/eJyVkMuOgkAQRf-l1gjCGKLsjDGE4LiY6NqUUDN2hO5OdTkEDf9u-4g7J5l1nZx7b11ASKOWooYM9sgt8pFE6R8IgKlSVpGWhdGC1Z1Jk3Q8ngTQKH3M2ZwsZJc_FC_sdozjJE7SAKS35NHN13xRFut8tyrWpWctss_6j2_2MZlNpy_h8nNerGAY3iZQq2T560McZMInuk2slZ8pW248fxCxLouirutCMehEcB9Wpo2-zfncu5Gz7GuMDqppIqYOuXbeitaSrp8_Kql_uIcr_-V1Ew==)
Fozzy’s Spring Hill VIP Update
Hey Friend,
I sent out an email last week about us getting a new loyalty app so it makes it easier for you to get points and make it easier for ordering online AND…. we’ve got some great features coming within the app for discounts / offers / incentives!
This NEW APP is going launching as of Monday but I just got off a call with the company and in order for this to be an easy transition, your e-mail must be attached to our POS loyalty account.
Yes, I have your email which is how you’re gettin this now – I know 🙂
BUT… the points system is ANOTHER program and 90% of the people in our loyalty points program we ONLY have cell number for.
Here’s what we need you to do.
Step 1 – you’ll click the link below and it will take you to the “look up account” page for our POS system.
Step 2 – Enter BOTH your personal email and your cell number and click find now.
If you received an email within 60 seconds that means we have your email in that system and we are good to go, you don’t need to do anything till MONDAY next week where you’ll get another email asking you to “reset” your password and that will come from FozzysMembers@incentivio.com
If you didn’t receive an email but you received the text – please enter your full info into that form with email and please make sure the email you put in is correct 🙂 Or we will have some issues applying points.
If you didn’t receive the text either and you’re worried about your points, don’t worry, we have downloaded every member with points and we have all files. We may just need to manually add them at a later time.
Step 3 – Wait for Monday’s email, be on the look out to reset your password.

HERE IS THE LINK YOU NEED TO CLICK IN STEP 1 (https://barmarketing.keap-link005.com/v2/click/c8bbcbde2c6f2e7aa8a36a65ea9f67ec/eJyVkEFrwkAQhf_LnGNioojmJiIhRD1IPcuYTOtisrvMjoYo-e9dtdSThZ7n43vvzQ2ENGrJK0jhgNwgn0iU_oIAmEplFWlZGC1YPphJMhkOxwHUSp8yNmcL6e0PxS92P8ZxEifTAKSz5NGP7XxR5Jtsv8o3hWctss_6j282Gs-mL-FyPc9X0PdvE6hRsrz4EAep8JnuEyvlZ8qOa88fRaxLo6ht21AMOhE8hKVpok9zvXZu4Cz7GoOjquuIqUWunLeitaSrnx8V1D3d_TcBxnUV)

I’m sorry this is a pain in the ass and trust me I’d love to just have ONE solo program which is what we are trying to do with this app.
It’s going to be great. More expensive for us each month but it’ll be 10x for our customers which is what matters most!
If you have questions / issues please reply to this and let me know.
Nick “Fozzy” Fosberg AKA “The E-mail Guy”


Nick Fosberg

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