Fozzy’s Spring Hill Coming Changes For 2023

Hey Friend,
If you read my e-mail yesterday I mentioned to be on the look out for this e-mail regarding some changes coming for 2023.
Some are good, some are not so good. Yes, I understand not many like change but this is something we’ve done at the beginning of the year with our food suppliers and accountant.
Long story short, I like to be an open book and always believe honesty is always the best way to go. So with that said, yes we are raising some prices again on our food to be at a 30% average food cost, which is the industry norm, and we are getting rid of a few items like our fish tacos and philly cheesesteak due to pricing from supplier, but adding some new items to replace those.
We are also getting rid of our big pretzel and instead going with bavarian pretzel sticks due to cost and waste. Working with Aldo, (our head cook in IL) in the kitchen last week I learned that our cost on those were over $3 just on the pretzel itself, not including the cheese and honey mustard we serve with it, but even more importantly that we get 2-3 broken pretzels per case x 8-10 cases per week – that adds up!
Well, our cost is even more in TN and yes, we also get the same pretzel that also has broken pretzels.
On the bright side, our bone in and boneless wings will be coming down by a $1 as the cost of chicken has dropped in 1/2 from 6 months ago.
The new items… we are finalizing next week
Loyalty Program Update
I would have say and correct me if I’m wrong…. that we give back more than any other bar / restaurant when it comes to the 5% cash back, discount offers, free b-day meals, 50% off meals to all police and fire once a day, 365 days a year, prizes we give away for Singo, trivia, the joker promotion, meat raffle, etc, etc.
Well, we do have to bring that 5% cash back to 3% because of cost of utilities going up, food & beverage increase, delivery fee increases, and labor increases.
On top of all this, starting in 2023 all our kitchen managers and GM’s will be getting quarterly bonuses when they meet / beat labor and food / beverage costs.
On the bright side – I feel we still have the best VIP program in town, we will continue to do a monthly discount / offer on top of everything else we do, but some changes have to be made in order to make our business model work in the inflationary times we are facing.
If you have points racked up, you won’t loose them but we advice you use them up by Feb 1st as that’s when all this will kick in. New pricing / new %.
New Menu Items
Once we get our main menu finalized and in store we will then get our feature menu ready and continue to focus on creating daily specials to keep things new, unique, and fun.
2023 Goals For Our Guests
With all that said, our goal for 2023 is to focus on better training and more consistent training within every part of our organization. Rodney and I have hired a few consultants for the next 6 months to keep us on track and figure out ways we can deliver better / more valuable experiences to you and the rest of our guests while keeping our costs at industry standards and create ways more ways to reward management and our team with bonuses / higher pay.
This past year was one of the most challenging for most employers when it comes to labor costs, finding and keep good help, etc, etc.
But the good news is… we will get through it and make the tweaks necessary just like we have always done.
If you have any questions, just shoot them over!
Nick “Fozzy” Fosberg
Co Owner – Fozzy’s Spring Hill


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